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We are very proud to say that the CQC report of Southgate Dental Care confirmed that we are providing care to the highest of standards

As dentists, we are regulated by the government body – The Care Quality Commision ( CQC). Their role in the health sector is to monitor services’ performance against national standards, ensuring that the Essential standards of quality and safety are achieved.

Please read extracts of the report on Southgate Dental Care below:


Carried out on 26 April 2012 during a routine inspection

Southgate Dental was meeting all the essential standards of quality
and safety inspected.

Why we carried out this review

We carried out this review as part of our routine schedule of planned reviews.

What people told us during the inspection (Extracts)

Patients' views can be summarised by the following comments:

 I've always been a happy and satisfied patient. 
 Very friendly and nice staff. 
 I heard about this service through friends. 
(Everyone we spoke to told us they had recommended this practice to others)
 He (the dentist) was very patient and explained everything. 
 It's always felt very professional. I've never thought of going anywhere else. 
 He (the dentist) tells me how much things cost. 
 The staff are very pleasant and easy to get on with. 
 They take notice of what I say. 
 It's very clean. 
(We noted that all areas of the practice were clean and tidy on the day of our inspection.)

We were able to speak to patients of the dental practice. They indicated that they had been treated with respect and dignity. They expressed satisfaction with the care and treatment provided. The practice has a policy for ensuring that all patients are treated with respect and dignity. Patients made positive comments about staff and indicated that they had confidence in the dentists and other staff who attended to them. Detailed assessments and treatment plans had been prepared for patients. …….. The premises were clean and well maintained. There are arrangements for infection control checks and daily cleaning tasks. Staff  were knowledgeable regarding infection control and decontamination procedures for equipment and instruments used. There was documented evidence that equipment used had been maintained and inspected by specialist contractors

Download Full Report: Inspection Report published 16 May 2012